Optimal relaxation during a shiatsu massage

A stressful day at work, a nagging sports injury or just a longing for relaxation – the reason for a massage (z.B.Shiatsu massage) can be varied.

The type of massage can be just as varied. There are many different forms of massage.

What is a Shiatsu massage?

The word „shiatsu“ stands for finger pressure and comes from Japanese. This type of massage, which has its origins in Chinese and early modern Japanese massage, allows the client to completely switch off and relax.

According to the 1957 definition of the Medical Affairs Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Health, shiatsu massage is a method of applying pressure to selected areas of the body with fingers and the heel of the hand.

This pressure is applied to correct irregularities of the body or to promote health. In addition, this massage is defined as a healer of specific diseases.

In fact, comparatively little muscle power is drawn from the fingers and heels of the hands. Instead, a lot of the energy comes from the body weight of the massager.

A Shiatsu massage is performed by professional masseurs. But also a home relax chair with massage function can provide a Shiatsu massage.

However, the quality of this method does not match that of the classical manual form. It is at most an alternative, if no Shiatsu masseur is nearby.

How exactly is the shiatsu massage performed??

Usually the client lies down on a mat or a futon, which are laid out on the floor. But it can also be that the massages are performed on a treatment couch or on a special massage chair. However, this is the case only in selected types of treatment.

The massage is then performed, as indicated at the beginning, mainly with the hands. For this purpose the masseur uses the fingers and the heels of the hands.

However, the elbows or the knees can also be used. Afterwards, gentle repetitive movements are applied to the body of the person being massaged.

In this form of massage, the masseur transfers his body energy through his body weight to the areas of the client to be treated.

The energy comes primarily from the center of the body of the masseur. Its energy, its Qi, is supposed to help eliminate the problems of the treated person.

Better life through Shiatsu?

Shiatsu improves the quality of life. The massage triggers a better self-awareness, which in turn makes you more open to getting rid of old bad habits and ready to learn new ones.

The self-awareness triggered by Shiatsu ensures a healthier lifestyle. The mind is more likely to perceive the needs of the body and process them in a more intense way.

In this way, one is in contact with one’s body without it first becoming noticeable through complaints. The signals triggered by Shiatsu massage strengthen the body emotionally and physically.

Shiatsu can have a healing effect. Shiatsu massages are therefore suitable for anyone who wants to find more harmony with their body and mind.

The old Japanese massage has a wide spectrum of effects, which is suitable for many different people. Elderly persons who are very sensitive to pain should rather inform their therapist before the treatment.

In this way the masseur can be considerate and the client can fully enjoy the massage and its effects.