The power of healing hypnosis

The fact that the human body has the ability to self-heal should be well known by now. However, due to the ever-increasing stresses of everyday life, the body‘s ability to heal itself in the event of illness is being lost to a certain extent.

However, more and more doctors and therapists are using the power of hypnosis to treat diseases such as migraine or obsessive-compulsive disorders. to cure sleep disorders as well as depression. On the basis of scientific studies the effectiveness of the welfare hypnosis is meanwhile occupied so that with nothing of Humbug or even imagination can be spoken.

A commonly misunderstood topic

Who deals as a layman with the subject of hypnosis, not infrequently has a completely wrong picture of the process of hypnosis. This circumstance is due to the fact that hypnosis is very often used for shows to demonstrate the basic process as well as its effectiveness. It is a fact, however, that a clear distinction must be made between so-called show hypnosis and healing hypnosis/hypnotherapy.

The main difference lies in the fact that hypnotherapy has nothing to do with the classic pendulum and the helplessness of the hypnotized person. In hypnotherapy, the patient is led by the therapist into a completely altered state of consciousness by means of hypnosis, without the free will of the patient being influenced by this. The goal is to enable the patient to heal himself by calming down and relaxing.

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Healing hypnosis – Wide range of applications

Hypnotherapy or healing hypnosis can be applied to many types of disorders. From stress to chronic diseases caused by obesity or even smoking, to anxiety and obsessive behavior, hypnotherapy can be chosen as an effective approach to healing.

In this context, it is important to mention the fact that the hypnotized person is not specifically manipulated by the therapist, but rather that the patient finds the strength through his subconscious to ultimately assert his own will in order to achieve his desired goal.

Regarding the effectiveness, many scientific studies have been conducted in the recent past, which also explain the practical procedure of hypnotherapy or hypnosis. Healing hypnosis reveal. The therapist has the role of a „moderator“ who tries to give the patient in trance – depending on what goal is to be achieved with the hypnosis – positive inspirations to convey. In this way, chronic tension headaches or mental blockades such as fear of exams or failure can be effectively eliminated.

In common practice, this type of therapy is especially popular with people who wish to lose weight but do not have the strength to achieve this goal by changing their lifestyle.

Who would like to free itself by means of Hypnotherapie or also welfare Hypnose of compulsions or also unpleasant habits, which should take up however absolutely specialized assistance. In contrast to the healing hypnosis, the show hypnosis can very well cause damage to the patient, since a professionally untrained hypnotist does not know how to deal with the reactions of the hypnotized person properly.

Moreover, the patient should be aware that hypnosis alone has only a very limited effectiveness, since it is to be regarded as a building block of a more extensive treatment, in whose success the patient must cooperate just as much as the therapist.