Off on vacation – The first-aid kit must go with you

The vacation is coming soon and the preparations are in full swing. But often an important utensil is forgotten: the travel pharmacy. This should be taken not only if one goes with children on vacation.

Also adults can get during the most beautiful time of the year simply times the one or other Wehwechen. Especially abroad, it is usually very difficult to get the right medicine.

Therefore, it is important to prepare for an emergency before the trip. So that nothing is forgotten: With a travel pharmacy checklist one checks whether everything is present and already can the next vacation carefree be started.

If you have questions about the first-aid kit, go to the doctor

If, for example, you have to take medication regularly, you will not be able to avoid taking the right amount of medicine with you on vacation. Because abroad there are usually not the preparations in the same quality, as here in Germany.

If you take medication regularly, this should be certified by your doctor in any case. Otherwise, there may be problems with customs when entering or leaving the country. For this reason, a corresponding certificate from the doctor is very important.

Furthermore, it is also very helpful to look for German-speaking doctors in the vacation area in advance via the website of the German Foreign Office.

In this way, in an emergency can be acted quickly. If it comes to an illness or an accident must not be found first under hectic a doctor. You know directly whom you can turn to.

But also the doctor in Germany can be contacted once again before departure: Here you can also ask possible questions regarding the first-aid kit.

Because not everyone is really clear, which medicines belong in there at all. A medical professional may be able to give valuable tips again.

Travel pharmacy – Prevention is better

There are medicines that simply must not be missing in a first-aid kit. Of course, these should also be tailored to your own needs and illnesses. Nothing is worse than not feeling well on vacation.

If then also the suitable means is missing, the vacation can fall rather fast into the water. Therefore, even in this case, precaution is better than hindsight. There is also still the possibility to buy already complete travel pharmacies in the pharmacy or a drugstore specialist market.

It should be noted, however, that these are general travel pharmacies. Personal medication must still be prescribed by a doctor. And should also never be given to third parties.

It can come here under circumstances to side effects that end fatally. Accordingly, care should be taken with one’s own first-aid kit. Especially for children should be inaccessible!