HK Bio-Chip an energy transmitter for healing frequencies

For thousands of years it is known that positive changes in the body are triggered by certain light frequencies. This principle of the welfare frequencies knew already the old Egyptians.

Amulets, especially energy amulets and health amulets were commonplace. This ancient knowledge about frequencies is applied in the HK Bio-Chip. Called a chip according to the new age.

Does man need bioenergy and healing frequencies?

Man is an electromagnetic being, otherwise our brain waves could not be measured. Our body needs energy not only through food. Our nervous system needs energy to recharge itself.

It is proven that bio-electricity is distributed among the cells. But only as much can be distributed as is actually present in the body. This bio-electricity is responsible for the balance of our well-being!

How to recognize if you have too little energy?

A lack of energy can show itself in different forms. A deficiency is often found in psychosomatic disorders such as stress, fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, skin problems, intestinal problems, allergies, insomnia, etc..

The HK Bio-Chip – How the information can flow into the body?

Man has around him an open information system. We constantly emit and also receive vibrations. Anyone who cares for the elderly knows how much energy these people can drain out of you. One feels drained, the sick tap their energy, that does them good. But you yourself give off too much.

There are many acupuncture points (meridians) on the solar plexus. Science has already discovered that the meridians in the body pick up and transmit light frequencies.

This knowledge is applied to the HK Bio-Chip and offered to the body. Your body can understand this information.

Which head is behind this development

The pharmacist and alternative practitioner, Hugo-Karl Kinas, has developed this HK Bio-Chip. He had been working with bioenergetic oscillations and healing frequencies since 1985. He was one of the first who worked with it and did pioneering work.

Prevention was his first priority. His motto: Man needs new health approaches and health systems!

Over time, 3 variants have developed:

  • the Vitality-Chip,
  • the weight loss chip,
  • and the smoking cessation chip.

First there was the vitality chip for more strength and energy. Whether it is due to the stress of daily work, intensive sports, care of the sick, to protect against electrosmog, lack of energy, etc., it is not always possible to find a cure. applicable as an aid to self-help.

At many fairs, especially the women quickly understood the system. You wanted a weight loss chip. We were able to deliver this. This is how the HK Bio-Chip Slimming was created for support.

Women also wanted their husbands to quit smoking. This is how the smoking cessation chip came into being.

Such systems as the HK Bio-Chip are not yet recognized. Acupuncture has taken more than 30 years, before that it was called humbug.