CBD oil to calm chronic pain

For centuries, cannabis has been known for its medicinal properties, already our ancestors used this plant to fight health ailments and stop chronic pain.

Nowadays, technological advances have opened up new ways to improve the effects of this plant and make full use of it!

Since the beginning of the marketing of CBD oil As a natural alternative for the problems caused by many and various diseases have passed years.

Thanks to advances in production, the manufacture of new and improved CBD products Have become very easy, as the concentration of this substance can be changed. Today, for example, we can find 5%, 10% or 20% CBD oil.

CBD oil can increase and improve the lives of its users

The difference between chronic pain and severe pain is very simple. Some are temporary, others have a permanent effect that can become a really bad and stressful experience for the sufferers.

This can lead to greater health problems, such as depression, anger and anxiety. CBD oil can help users to improve the quality of their lives. There are many studies that prove the efficiency of these products in the treatment of many medical conditions.

Its anti-inflammatory properties and its effect on neuropsychiatric problems are also very well documented and prove to be one of the better and more efficient natural medicines on the market.

Why CBD oil works?

Our body processes an endocannabinoid system that regulates some of our physiological functions, such as hunger, sleep, motor coordination, pain, and some of our body’s immunological responses.

The cannabis plant, which is also known as “Euphoria plant” is known to contain over one hundred cannabinoids. You may have heard about THC and CBD, the best known components of this plant, speaks.

These two, can be very beneficial for medical treatments by subjecting them to different processes.

The Cannabidiol Acts through the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. As studies show, it can inhibit adenosine, which is associated with the transmission and chronification of pain. This is the reason why it is recommended, Hemp ointment for pain to use.

CBD also activates the serotonin receptors. These can affect our humor, any state of anxiety and even depression. There are many records of CBD oil experience with anxiety disorder.

CBD oil in 20, 30 or 40% concentration?

The oil has many versions, many presentations, and many specifics that can vary by manufacturer. One of them is the full spectrum CBD oil. The distinctive feature of this type of oil is that it contains all the cannabinoids that the plant has.

They work as a group to produce a very good effect, better than pure CBD oils. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist where to buy Full spectrum CBD oil can buy.

Another difference is the concentration of CBD oil. This means the amount of CBD that is contained in the oil. The higher the percentage, the stronger the effect.

We can find many versions, ranging from 5% to pure CBD oils. Concentrations vary from person to person and depending on the condition. It is recommended to start with 5% and then slowly increase if needed and well tolerated.

It is always recommended to start any treatment with the help and guidance of a doctor to keep our reactions under control. It will also provide us with all the necessary information we may need.

We can find a lot of information about cannabis online. Its medicinal properties and the infinite variety that the products have. But there is a lack of good information on how to use the products.

How to dose CBD oil?

First of all, we must remember that each body can react differently, each has its own peculiarities. This is the reason why we always recommend to start consuming it with the support and guidance of a professional.

Nevertheless, there are some general rules you should follow to start with the right dose. It is always recommended to start with the lowest dose because it is easier to increase it than to decrease it.

The CBD dose Can be classified according to the strength of its effect (low, medium and high):

  • If you are looking for a low strength effect, you can calculate 1mg CBD per 5 kg. For example, if we weigh 50 kg, we should go for a 10mg.
  • If you want a medium strength, it is recommended to use 3 mg per 5 kg. If we weigh 50 kg, this corresponds to 30 mg.
  • Finally, if we want a high strength effect, the initial dose can be 6mg for every 5kg. If we weigh 50 kg, that would be equivalent to 60 mg.

The strength needed depends on our complaints. For example, if we use it for mild health conditions, we can choose a low strength.

On the other hand, the concentration of Hemp oil against migraine Be very strong. For epilepsy a pharmaceutical concentration is recommended.

The 20% CBD oil is the most recommended for the treatment of chronic pain, but it depends on the particular personal needs.

It should always be used according to high quality products. Your health should be worth it to you!