Corona pandemic and the ways out – views of a family physician

Pandemic fear scenario drowns out worldwide protest against man-made destruction of the environment.

At stake are nothing less than the freedom of science, the integrity of the information media, and the crucial questions of power.

After more than a year of the pandemic, questions about Corona continue to dominate family physicians’ office hours.

What consequences will this have for our children’s health, social life and future??

How will our children live?

Will vaccination lead us out of the dilemma, and what interests are involved??

Is vaccination safe??

What about the individual defenses?

What are the consequences for health, social life, future??

Do we get all the information?

Do hidden interests play a role?

How are the immense debts of society as a whole to be paid??

Dr. Erich Freisleben calculates the costs of the pandemic, names the concrete collateral damage of pandemic management, and highlights the dissenting opinions behind the curtain of alleged conspiracy theorizing.

Written between January and September 2021, the book provides an overview of events and does not spare criticism of the state of the media landscape and the political course being set.

The author always remains objective and helps to find a way between technology and humanity.

Dr. med. Erich Freisleben

Views of a family doctor

Ways out of the Corona dilemma

Freya-Verlag: first edition (15. September 2021)
Language: German
Paperback: 232 pages
ISBN: 978-3990255100
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About the author

Dr. med. Erich Freisleben, born 1949 in Lower Saxony, studied medicine in Kiel and Berlin and completed his residency in internal medicine at the Rudolf Virchow Hospital in Berlin.

For 35 years he has practiced as a family doctor in Berlin-Wedding. He received his doctorate in historical medicine on the subject of racial hygiene and racial ideology, worked for eight years as a delegate in the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and published numerous articles on health policy issues.

In 2006, together with colleagues and two hospitals, he founded the “Netzwerk Ganzheitsmedizin Berlin gGmbH”, which also contracts with health insurance companies. In it he functions as medical managing director and cares for new supply models. In 2020 his first book “Medicine without Morals” was published by Freya Verlag.