Seminars of the Methodical Center Drevo Roda

The Methodical Center Drevo Roda cordially invites all interested people to the great seminar series!

Take the opportunity and learn new approaches to eliminate various everyday and non-everyday problems, expand your consciousness and abilities to interact with other people and the entire universe, become healthy and help other people to become healthy themselves!

Make yourself happy and around you a thousand others will be happy, change the world by changing yourself!

Seminars from the Methodical Center Drevo Roda

7 magic words – anchoring mental programs

Why is it said in a proverb: „if you want to be successful yourself – surround yourself with successful people, you want to be rich – think and act like a rich person, you want to be healthy – keep company with healthy people?“

These are not just empty words. We are constantly in contact with negative information. This is especially true for doctors and other healing professions.

The technology of this seminar is based on the unique ability of all people to suffer from various diseases. We do not know on which seminars one learns how to get sick, nevertheless a large part of the people suffers from some kind of illnesses.

Here you will learn how to free yourself from diseases with the help of information, how to fight like with like.

The method of informative correction, the elimination of negative information, not only enables effective prophylaxis, but also favors the elimination of already existing physical defects.

Working with the subconscious – changing habits/behavior

A habit is a pattern of behavior stored in the subconscious mind. In everyday life we often follow such patterns which are often outdated or not viable.

An extremely negative effect on our life and our destiny show various harmful habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption and much more, from which one should and can free themselves.

But even if we recognize a harmful habit, it is very difficult to get rid of it, because these programs control us from the subconscious.

In this seminar you will learn how to change your habits and your character and how to free yourself from unwanted behavioral patterns.

Cosmetic blemishes

To remove warts, birthmarks or scars, one does not necessarily have to seek surgical help. Especially since traces of such “technical” interference are also left behind. This task can be solved very well also with the help of your subconsciousness.

In the seminar you will learn how and why it is possible to eliminate cosmetic blemishes by yourself. You will get acquainted with the structure and function of the skin, causes of abnormalities and physical principles of working with the body, acquire the necessary prerequisites and skills, learn various methods of eliminating primary causes, erroneous world views and their consequences.

Restoration of vision

A person can live a long and happy life without regular gymnastic exercises. You can neglect dental hygiene, lose all your teeth and still live long and happily.

However, if a person loses his sight one day, he can lose almost everything in life. Therefore, one should become aware of the gift of sight and preserve it.

When eyesight deteriorates experts recommend wearing glasses. However, you should not be in a hurry to fix the visual defect with a “crutch”, because you can restore the original vision.

By acquiring the appropriate knowledge and working with your own consciousness and subconsciousness, you can restore your vision to its ideal state.

work with the subconscious mind – protect yourself from manipulation

Each of us is exposed to a flood of information from the radio, television and other mass media, advertising or the Internet.

We fight for our attention with different open and hidden methods. And all these methods have only one goal: the introduction of certain ideas, thoughts and specially prepared information and programs into our subconscious mind.

Through these programs a hidden influence on a person and his behavior is possible.

This effect on a person is based on special technologies that require a certain mastery and enormous knowledge.

It is not for nothing that various systems of image processing, scientific institutions and corresponding scientific and popular-scientific literature were created.

Manipulation, however, is not the use of force, but “seduction”. Each person has the possibility to make a choice.

That is why it is necessary to recognize the signs of manipulation, and to make the decision to either surrender to the temptation – or to resist it.

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All seminars of the Methodical Center Drevo Roda last about six hours, therefore they take place on three consecutive days of 2 hours each.

Our lecturers and experts in bioinformative technologies, founders of the Methodical Center Drevo Roda, psychologists and psychotherapists Svetlana and Alexander Doroshkevich are looking forward to you! The seminars are of course translated into German.