Yellow teeth – Causes and countermeasures

Yellow teeth look unkempt and the affected person usually suffers a lot from this condition. As a rule, all teeth are affected and yellowish discolored, but there are also cases in which the discoloration is only limited to individual teeth.

The good news: Health restrictions are usually not associated with yellow teeth, often the yellowing „only“ an aesthetic problem. To counteract this problem, more and more people want to whiten the discolored teeth.

Reasons for yellow teeth

Which color the teeth have, is to a certain extent predisposition. Each person has a different and individual natural color of the tooth. With age, the enamel becomes thinner, which means that the teeth are less protected from the external influences. Often then the dentine becomes visible, which has a yellowish hue.

The causes of discoloration can also be distinguished between intrinsic and extrinsic causes. Intrinsic discolorations originate from the dentin or enamel of the tooth. Such yellow discoloration sometimes occurs during the growth of teeth in childhood or later due to certain materials used for a root filling.

Age can also cause yellowing. Extrinsic discolorations are those caused by color particles on the tooth. Smokers very often suffer from discoloration caused by tobacco and nicotine.

Those who drink coffee, tea or red wine very often will also notice discoloration over time. The color particles of these beverages settle on the teeth and also penetrate the enamel to a certain extent.

If plaque or tartar is deposited on the teeth because of improper or insufficient hygiene of the mouth, the teeth become yellow.

If you have to take antibiotics during the development of your teeth or during pregnancy, this can also lead to brown-yellow teeth, which often do not return to their original white color.

Possibilities of teeth whitening

If the discoloration has its cause inside, it can help to bleach the teeth. This can be done with products from the drugstore or pharmacy either at home or professionally in a dental office or in a dentist’s office. Bleaching studio make.

Discolored fillings, for example, can be replaced by new fillings (of course, this can only be done by a dentist)!). If the causes are extrinsic, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned.

Regular and thorough oral hygiene is indispensable to prevent yellow teeth from developing in the first place. Teeth should be brushed twice a day without applying much pressure, followed by cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss. Furthermore, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine.

Coarse discoloration can also be treated with special toothpastes. Which cream is best for this should be discussed with a dentist.