Holistic dental practice in Leonberg

You want a dental practice in Leonberg that cares about its patients and offers a wide range of dental services? Anxiety patients in particular need an empathetic dental team that takes into account the causes of their anxiety and works them through.

In the case of children, they need to be accompanied by their parents or another trusted person from the family’s social environment. In addition, patients always need help with correspondence with health insurance companies and a secure financing rhythm.

Dental practice in Leonberg – Your local specialists

Working people know about the lost vacation days for dental treatment, because there is simply no time for a visit to the dentist in the evening or in the early morning hours. This must come to an end, because a dental treatment is preceded by numerous medical aspects. If you wait too long for certain dental diseases, you risk organic diseases.

To give you enough time out of the day, this practice offers late consultation hours. A treatment, if possible, can also be divided over several appointments. This gives working people in particular enough freedom to coordinate their daily schedules in a well-structured manner.

Fear patients require sensitive treatment

A painless treatment is crucial for a successful dental result. So before you get too worried, you should first contact us. During the initial consultation an evaluation of the fears and the need for treatment is made. As a patient, you can have a say in which steps are taken to guarantee gentle treatment. The latest technical dental means are used for this purpose.

A good dental team proves itself by having knowledge about how to deal with anxiety patients. It is certainly particularly important for you to implement the necessary procedures in small steps. For this purpose, the team has an extensive selection of laser technology and other means at its disposal.

If you have had a bad experience with previous dental treatments, you are asked to notify us. This allows the team to address and understand what is going on in detail. If necessary, other physicians from other medical fields are consulted. By working together with other doctors, you can work out other factors that will enable you to go to the dentist with a good feeling in the future.

Dental practice in Leonberg welcomes the involvement of relatives

The patient and his or her dental needs are always in the foreground. Relatives are welcome to accompany patients as support. In the case of minors, this is important anyway, because parents must be informed about certain treatment methods before treatment is carried out. Dental treatments in the dentist‘s office in Leonberg are always carried out with the consent of the parents or guardians.

If you as a parent cannot find the time to accompany your children or your child, then look in advance for alternatives in the family environment. Often children want the support of special confidants, which can be grandparents, uncles or aunts.

To ensure that you don’t forget an appointment at the dental practice in Leonberg, patients receive an appointment reminder via a phone call, an email or via text message. It is desirable that appointments are canceled in time if they cannot be kept.