Coffea – First aid for cellulite and hair loss

Black coffee is supposed to make beautiful. After all, around 90% of Germans choose to drink their coffee every day: for breakfast, at the office, or while having a cup of coffee.

Coffee is in this country even – before beer – the people’s drink number one. Coffee is popular as a real pick-me-up. It dispels fatigue, tiredness and lack of concentration in most people. Whether however coffee drinkers are more beautiful than other humans, that is so far nowhere occupied. But the main active ingredient in coffee, caffeine, is now used in numerous beauty products.

Crisp figure and full hair

Caffeine is a stimulating component of stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola, mate, guarana and chocolate. It is one of the oldest, most effective and best tolerated stimulants. However, the substance not only acts internally as a stimulant, but also comes u.a. also used in special cosmetics. Here caffeine plays a major role in cellulite and hair loss.

Coffea for cellulite and hair loss

Two of three women suffer from orange peel skin. In anti-cellulite products caffeine is used to stimulate the skin. It is absorbed by the skin and promotes blood circulation via vasodilatation. Regularly massaged into problem areas, caffeine can thus help counteract fat deposits.

An improvement in the appearance of the skin can be observed after only several weeks of use. The effect is naturally enhanced by appropriate sporting activities. In shampoos and tinctures for the scalp, caffeine has a stimulating effect on the hair roots, so that hair loss is noticeably reduced.

Recipe for a coffee peeling

3 tablespoons of coffee grounds
6 tablespoons shower gel

Mix the ingredients well together in a small bowl. In the shower, massage problem areas well with this exfoliating paste and leave on for a short time. Use the peeling at least once a week. It is best to use a shower gel that goes well with the coffee aroma: z.B. with vanilla scent.

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