Erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by alcohol

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder in men. In this, the man is unable to achieve or maintain erection of the penis for a prolonged period of time. What role can the alcohol play?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) as a result of alcohol consumption

Many men who drink regularly will have experienced it at some time or another. Man wants and it does not go right. The reason for this can simply be the higher or too high blood alcohol level.

Erectile dysfunction can start as early as 0.4 parts per thousand. If the blood alcohol level is higher, then nothing can work at all.

Long-term alcohol consumption of 40g or more per day can have serious consequences for male potency.

Apart from alcohol abuse and dependence, tissue changes may occur in the penis. These can then be responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Additional possible causes due to alcohol

Why a regular increased alcohol consumption is harmful to health does not need to be explained further.

Long-term increased alcohol consumption can lead to numerous serious diseases of the liver and stomach and also affect male sexuality.

Alcohol stimulates their sexual activity and, if too much is drunk, can of course significantly affect a man’s performance during sex.

Too much alcohol can damage the nervous system and also the muscle cells in the erectile tissue.

In addition, it is possible that also the hormonal system of the man comes into disarray.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) – What can help?

Drug therapy

In the meantime, many sexual enhancers such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra (PDE 5 inhibitors) are available.

These PDE 5 inhibitors can provide better blood flow to the genitals by inhibiting an enzyme.

If the sexual enhancers are taken before sexual intercourse, the improved blood circulation can be beneficial for an erection.

Side effects after taking PDE 5 inhibitors can include u.a. Fluctuations in blood pressure and also visual disturbances can be!

Another possibility is the use of a vacuum pump. Put on the penis and by pumping it creates a negative pressure. This promotes greater blood flow and stiffness.

Natural helpers
Natural sexual enhancers have the simple advantage that there are no chemical substances in them.

Natural helpers are u.a.:

  • Ginkgo biloba – can promote blood circulation,
  • Maca – can promote sexual desire and blood circulation,
  • Damiana – can dilate blood vessels and thus increase desire.

However, the amount to be taken should be observed so that there are no unpleasant side effects.


A little alcohol can increase desire, too much can have the opposite effect! Suitable therapy measures should be discussed with the family doctor. The latter can then also refer to an appropriate medical specialist.

If this is too embarrassing for you, you should jump over your shadow! Erectile dysfunction can also be an indication of serious underlying diseases. So gather courage and seek help!