CBD products: What’s on the market?

Whether oil, capsules or liquids containing CBD – the range of CBD products available to consumers in stores today is extremely extensive and varied.

This is hardly surprising, after all, CBD products containing cannabidiol have been experiencing a real hype for some time now.

This refers not only to the food industry, but also to the fields of naturopathy and medicine.

The following CBD product comparison shows which CBD products are currently particularly popular and what distinguishes them in detail.

The CBD oil

Among the best known and most popular CBD products is definitely the CBD oil. The oils contain a CBD extract, which is obtained from the female hemp plant.

In some products, this extract is combined with another base oil, such as hemp or olive oil.

The cannabis oils are available in different CBD concentrations.

Usually these are two, five or 15 percent, but oils with stronger concentrations of up to 30 percent can also be found.

The CBD oils in the form of a full-spectrum extract are particularly recommended.

These contain numerous other valuable ingredients, such as fatty acids, terpenes and flavonoids.

The CBD capsules

The CBD is also available in capsule form. In these products, the CBD oil is encapsulated by a capsule whose material is easily digestible.

As a rule, CBD capsules are gluten-free and vegan.

Taking the capsules is much easier than taking CBD oil, and the dosage is no problem at all.

After swallowing, the capsules are decomposed by the stomach acid, so that the organism can absorb the oil.

However, this comes with the disadvantage that it takes a little longer for the effect of taking it to be felt.

The capsules are, like the CBD oil, available in different CBD concentrations.

Some manufacturers even offer CBD capsules with a CBD content of up to 50%.

The CBD cream

In the field of cosmetics, CBD creams are currently enjoying an exceptionally high level of popularity.

These are available as hand as well as face cream and body lotion.

CBD creams are especially good for treating conditions of the skin, such as acute or chronic inflammation and acne.

The use of the products is also recommended for pain in the bones and joints, arthritis or osteoarthritis.

The application is extremely simple, as the CBD creams only need to be applied to the affected areas of the skin.

The CBD flowers

The CBD flowers are also known as CBD grass. They are characterized by their very high CBD concentration.

CBD flowers consist of the dried buds or flowers of the hemp plant.

These are particularly poor in THC, but very rich in CBD.

The body can absorb the active ingredients very quickly by inhaling with the help of a vaporizer.

Theoretically, CBD flowers can also be smoked, which is why they are most similar to the classic consumption of marijuana.

The CBD Liquids

Those who want to use the CBD via their e-cigarette or a vaporizer CAN turn to CBD liquids.

These are liquid CBD preparations that contain not only CBD, but also vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

CBD liquids are available in different concentrations, usually between two and six percent.

Through vaporization, a fairly rapid absorption of CBD is possible, so that the effect can be perceived within a short time.