The human energy balance

Even the ancient Chinese knew: the human energy balance is one of the most important elements of lasting health. On a small scale, this can be observed in the energy level of small children: They jump around all day like bumblebees and seem to have immense energy resources.

In contrast, aged people are energetic low level organisms. Every movement gives them trouble. Our life energy dries up with the aging process and extinguishes sometime.

Our body is an energetic force field with impressive capabilities. The human organism is dependent on the daily supply of certain energies for its maintenance. It draws energy from various sources: the food it eats, the oxygen it absorbs, the effects of light or the drinking of water as a means of transporting nutrients.

If we arrive during the day energetically on a low level, we spice up the energy balance with caffeine, energy drinks or glucose. However, this only causes a short-term energy boost. We hardly pay attention to other levels of the human energy balance.

The human organism as an energy field

We are mostly concerned with obvious energies or the lack of them. Comparatively few people are concerned with subtle energies or what happens in intracellular energy exchange while we live our lives.

Human organisms are estimated to be made up of hundreds of trillions of individual cells. These are in constant connection with each other. They exchange messages and communicate with each other via messenger substances and enzymes, via biological or low-frequency electrical signals. Each human cell represents an independent force and energy field.

All cells together represent a force field condensed to matter. This force field needs certain energetic conditions to ensure smooth functioning of all processes. The complex interaction of all processes in the organism is not fully understood, even though many contributing factors have been discovered by science.

The intelligence of our energy balance can be seen, among other things, in the intelligent control of the sensation of heat or cold, as well as in the balancing of heat and cold. The Chinese have been concerned for many centuries with the conscious increase, influence and maintenance of the energies in the body.

They control subtle energies such as chi to influence the energetic level. Blockages on these levels trigger diseases and dysfunctions according to their understanding. Read also the article “Energetic Healing – Healing with Energy.

From other points of view, the solid appearing organism consists of vibrating atoms that condense into matter. Even the atoms we are made of represent a form of energy. Even if all these energetic levels remain unnoticed by us, we deal with them on a daily basis.

Energetic disturbance factors of the modern times in the energy balance

Most people do not have a realistic idea of how much more our organism is burdened by foreign energies nowadays. The fact is that today we are surrounded by an increasingly dense field of electromagnetic radiation. This is estimated to be 100 to 200 million times more intense than it was a hundred years ago.

Everywhere radio masts for cell phone networks and UMTS- resp. W-LAN networks for faster internet connections. The energetic effects of such high-frequency energy paths are downplayed. Economic and technological benefits are always in the foreground. But as already mentioned, intracellular communication needs low-frequency impulses.

If our body cells are now massively bombarded by ever stronger electromagnetic fields with high-frequency radiation, it logically comes to disturbances in our organism. The consequences of an energetic continuous fire with high-frequency radiation are not even foreseeable yet.

Heilpraktiker Anton Peter Neumann concerns itself for years with the question, how one could change negative energies in the life surrounding field to health compatible energies and defuse. The products he has developed so far, which are available at, represent a positive approach to protect the human energy system from an overload of negative radiation.

In the future we will have to address this issue with much more complex strategies. The ubiquitous presence of DECT phones, smartphones, W-LAN networks, UMTS connections and PCs suggests that more and more people are becoming ill as a result of energetic bombardments. The influence of the increasingly dense network of radiation sources on the energetic matrix is unknown.

What can everyone do to protect themselves?

Smart people minimize the influence of radiation sources and electrosmog to the best of their ability. For example, you give up DECT phones, buy a low-radiation screen, or turn off your smartphone at night. It is also useful to divert or neutralize the effects of high-frequency radiation from the body’s energetic system.

The organism can cope better with nature-identical electromagnetic force fields. This experience is made by all people who like to move in nature. There the body regenerates in a miraculous way, because it is exposed to more positive force fields.

At the same time, vitamin D, improved blood circulation and better oxygen transport ensure that physical energy resources can be refueled.