Healthy? – Dog food in the test

The diet makes ca. 73% of the health of our dogs from and is next to the sport the most important component for its vitality. Below we show them how they can promote the health of their favorite with a good dog food.

Dog food is available for different areas

Not all dog food is the same. There is which with particularly much protein, then still which with only few coal hydrates or particularly for Allergiker, seniors or puppies adapted fodder. Each variety differs from each other in its composition, design and specialization.

So if you own a puppy, then you should definitely take a look at the puppy food test, because especially puppies in their development phase need a healthy and especially protein-rich diet, so that the muscles and bones can develop optimally.

Nevertheless, there are a few criteria that apply to the diet of almost all dogs, which is why we will list them below.

Buying criteria for dog food

A good dog food should contain all the important nutritional values, but how to check this? Of course, it is difficult for the customer to look behind the scenes and control the manufacturing process of the food, but there are a few indicators that make a good dog food.

One of them would be, for example, that a high meat content should be present. This can be seen in the list of ingredients, because what is at the top, of which is the most in the food and ideally the meat.

Furthermore, no harmful additives should be- & dyes appear in dog food. Double caution is required for dogs with allergies.

In addition, it would be advantageous if there were no grain in the food, as this is only a cheap filler and does not provide our dogs with the nutritional values they actually need.

Potatoes, vegetables and fruit, on the other hand, are much better sources of carbohydrates and are not only healthier for our dogs, but also more digestible.

Side effects of a bad dog nutrition

Many dog owners who have been to the vet know the trigger for metabolic problems and diarrhea. In most cases, the cause is the diet of the four-legged friend, and many other diseases can also be traced back to an unbalanced and unhealthy diet.

A high grain content, the lack of essential vitamins as well as elemental mineral- & Fiber can cause allergies in dogs, skin- & cause coat problems, and these are not even the worst diseases.

In addition to intestinal diseases, there are many other terrible diseases, but how you can spare your dog these, you will now learn in the following.

Dog food test – Where can they find the right dog food?

Also in the conventional supermarket there is good dog food to buy, but there we must constantly compare the products among themselves, in order to determine, which food is the best for their favorite.

To save you a lot of time and work, we have selected a comparison site where you can buy good dog food that has already been sorted out.

For example, this product performs above average in the Josera dog food test and is recommended despite its (relatively low) grain content, because the food meets all other criteria.