LymeCare app for Lyme disease therapy

More and more patients and doctors are relying on digital support for Lyme disease therapy; the LymeCare app makes it possible.

LymeCare app – welcomes thousandth user

The medical app developers at SymCollect, led by Bernhard Ammann, are celebrating a special event these days: the thousandth user has just registered for the LymeCare app, which has not even been available for a year yet.

This application, the only one of its kind in the world to date, enables the daily recording of the health status of chronic Lyme disease patients.

Multiple graphs allow patients to monitor their progress. If, on the other hand, the level falls below certain critical threshold values, the system triggers an alarm to the attending physician. LymeCare is available for iOS as an app – for all other systems in the browser version .

The treatment of the tick-borne disease Lyme borreliosis is often lengthy if the affected patients suffer from a chronic form of the disease. Frequent doctor’s visits or hospital stays determine the everyday life of patients to a not insignificant extent and cost them a lot of time and energy.

In the Augsburg BCA-clinic – Europe’s first special clinic for Lyme disease – they are familiar with this problem. Its director, Dr. med. Carsten Nicolaus has therefore implemented the idea of a medical app for therapy support in cooperation with the company SymCollect last year.

©BCA-clinic, Augsburg

“Our goal is to provide the best possible diagnostics and therapy for all those suffering from chronic Lyme disease,” emphasizes Dr. Nicolaus. “In 21. In the 21st century, we should definitely take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital medicine. Data on general health status and Lyme disease symptoms can be recorded up to daily by the patients themselves.

Especially in the case of chronic diseases, this is a great support both for the patient himself and for the treating physician.”The Augsburg specialist is particularly positive about the constant contact between doctor and patient made possible by the LymeCare app.

In addition, there is their worldwide unique, patented alarm system, which reports the need for immediate contact in the event of critical values at the doctors.

SymCollect’s managing director and chief project manager Bernhard Ammann is very concerned that patient data is securely protected: “Our system meets all the requirements of the German Data Protection Act. We apply a two-tier data protection concept to preserve the anonymity of our users at all costs and prevent unauthorized access.”

More and more users of the LymeCare app

So far, the app has received very positive feedback from stakeholders. “The medical professionals receive a comprehensive picture of the state of health – while the patients are very motivated to support the recovery process through their personal involvement,” draws Dr. Carsten Nicolaus Balance.

Remarkable from the point of view of both BCA-clinic and SymCollect is the fact that this very special medical app is now already being used by more than a thousand patients.

“Certainly there are many general health apps, especially in the fitness sector or for common diseases, which are still more widely used,” says Bernhard Ammann.

“However, for such a special application as LymeCare, the number of a thousand users is a really high figure, which shows us that many sufferers have been waiting for such an opportunity. If we can help these, that is a very big success.”

The LymeCare app is free for patients and can be downloaded from the company’s website. Medical practices pay a manageable monthly license fee per connected patient for their access to the backend.