A date with the soul

Every person knows in his life times of crisis, life upheavals, strokes of fate, unplanned challenges and sudden changes. much can be done alone, life experience helps. And yet sometimes there are situations that repeat themselves and through a blind spot you just do not come to the solution. What does life want to tell you? What resonances you send out to draw these issues into your life? Why do some things happen again and again and why is it so difficult to get out of some situations??

„A date with the soul“ shows a new solution path, with which we learn to hear our own inner voice again and trust it, to take new paths and effectively transform problems.

The book explains backgrounds to mental blockades. It takes you on a journey that touches the heart, gets under the skin and creates a new understanding of the soul and the connections in life. With the help of many practical examples, Ilka Plassmeier vividly and sensitively describes how to free oneself from unconscious entanglements, find physical and mental balance, transform weaknesses into strengths, develop courage, lightness, confidence and self-confidence, and unfold one’s undreamed-of potential.

The author:
Ilka Plassmeier, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and experienced trainer, has been successfully leading seminars, trainings and workshops for years. With this book, she provides detailed insights into her work for the first time and describes how it feels and what happens when you meet your soul.