Twelve essential oils for all seasons

Among the many ways to care for your own well-being, the use of natural fragrances (essential oils) is one of the most pleasing to the senses.

If you want to promote your well-being, nurture your health, and deepen your understanding of yourself and your needs, all-natural essential oils and their gentle sisters, plant waters, are a bridge between inner and outer nature. A way to track your own rhythms and needs.

Each scent is introduced with a scent story, followed by basic information, practical recipes, simple exercises, and exciting information from the world of scents.

12 selected essential oils for the whole year

My fragrant year” takes you on this journey and portrays in twelve chapters twelve fragrances with their leitmotifs, modes of action and applications. It also tells about the partly millennia-old history of essences, new scientific findings and very personal experiences.

For each of the twelve months, the author has chosen a plant that carries the monthly motto as a leitmotif in itself. A monthly fragrance message accompanies each chapter. Many of us have a lot of essential oils and hydrosols on our shelves.

The author found the idea exciting to limit herself and to present a few plants with their typical characteristics in all their diversity. She has chosen a blend of leading oils in aromatherapy, such as lavender and rosemary, and her own personal favorites, such as tulsi and patchouli.

From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night, you’ll find some 240 recipes and applications in this book that are all about well-being, alleviating aches and pains, and providing aromatic accompaniment to everyday life.

This “fragrant treasure chest” contains formulas for body, mind, psyche, and space: from a soothing lemon balm cedar allergy spray to deceleration blends for an agitated daily routine, a ylang-ylang hair perfume for seductive hours, and the author’s centering meditation perfume.

Gisela Leinberger also takes great pleasure in the aroma kitchen. You will find a variety of tips on how to use essential oils and fine plant waters for your culinary pleasures.

They enjoy the fragrant ideas for salads, steaks, vegetable pans and sweets.

Not to mention ylang-ylang whiskey sours for balmy summer nights and delicate grape juice with cedar hydrolate. The recipes themselves range from simple to complex.

You’ll find pure uses for hydrosols and essential oils, as well as simple blends with just a few ingredients, and more complex recipes that require more than the twelve oils profiled.

Some of the author’s all-time favorite recipes are included, as well as new creations.

My fragrant year

Through the seasons with twelve essential oils

Freya Publishing House – 1. Edition 2020
Flap brochure – thread stitching – 224 sides
four-colored throughout, with many photos – format: 17 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-409-7
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About the author
Natural fragrances are her passion. For Gisela Leinberger essential oils and plant waters are THE means to take good care of yourself and others. physically, mentally, spiritually, simply in all situations of life.

Through her more than 10 years of practical experience and constant exchange with professional colleagues, the aroma expert knows that natural essences are much more than pure functional carriers that provide valuable services for headaches, torn limbs and insomnia.

As part of nature, the fragrant companions allow you to get in touch with your own inner nature and deepen your understanding of personal needs.

With this in mind, she practices holistic scent communication, with which people can once again perceive themselves as part of the greater whole.

Gisela Leinberger passes on her knowledge of fragrances as an author and journalist. In her lively international lecture and seminar schedule, she shares her knowledge with professional and lay audiences alike.

She is interested in the practical application of natural substances as well as botanical basics and cultural-historical contexts.

In her individual aroma practice she goes with interested people on very personal scent communication journeys.