Visiting the dentist: this is how often you should go

Thorough brushing is not enough to ensure that one’s own teeth remain a reliable companion throughout one’s life. Regular visits to the dentist are indispensable for comprehensive dental health.

Competent dentists, such as the dentists in Pirna, can detect and treat a variety of dental diseases in advance – even if the affected person does not yet experience any complaints.

How often the visit to the dentist is really necessary and what should also be considered in this context, explains the following article.

Dental health – starting as early as possible

The preventive examination at the dentist plays an important role not only for adults, but also for infants, children and teenagers.

As part of preventive dental care for children, the dentist examines the development of the teeth and pays attention to compliance with oral hygiene, any pathological changes and the risk of caries.

Independent brushing of teeth is much easier later in life if it has been learned correctly from the beginning. Parents should therefore visit the dentist with their children as early as possible in order to competently promote dental health at an early age.

In addition, this prevents children from developing a fear of the dentist and shying away from visits in later years.

Why a regular visit to the dentist?

Of course, there is no general obligation to visit a dentist. Therefore, in the area of dental health, personal responsibility is of great importance.

Many patients feel that going to the dentist is a burden because they are afraid of the treatment – however, this unpleasant feeling should not prevent anyone from regularly taking a seat in the dentist’s chair.

Once there is damage to the teeth, it is no longer possible to chew properly. Under certain circumstances, this can even lead to malnutrition, since the digestive process already begins in the mouth.

To avoid this, many health insurance companies use special bonus booklets, in which the regular checkups at the dentist must be entered to receive attractive discounts.

The check-up is scheduled once a year for adults, children from the age of six should visit the dentist twice a year, as their teeth are still developing.

People with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, diabetics and smokers should visit the dentist more often.

If there is any uncertainty as to how often a visit to the dentist really makes sense in an individual case, the dentist will offer comprehensive advice on the matter.

Regular visits to the dentist – even with dentures

It is a misconception that regular check-ups at the dentist only matter for those who still have their own teeth. Even people who are equipped with a complete dental prosthesis cannot do without a regular check-up.

Inadequate oral hygiene can, for example, cause inflammation or pressure points in the oral cavity. In addition, it can happen that a change in the jaw occurs in wearers of a full denture.

Therefore, it is also advisable for people with dentures to visit the dentist every six months to have the function and fit of the denture checked.

The importance of regular visits to the dentist

The more often the teeth are checked, the less often a comprehensive treatment is necessary. Beautiful teeth play an important role in everyday life, after all they are a symbol of health and attractiveness.

Regular check-ups also greatly minimize the risk of needing expensive dental treatment at some point in the future.

Incidentally, a visit to the dentist can also be useful in the case of chronic complaints, such as heart problems, back pain or migraines – in some cases, these ailments are caused by undetected dental diseases.