Beautiful eyelashes

Beautiful, curved eyelashes, long and thick – almost every woman wants full eyelashes, which give the eyes a special shine. But not everyone is blessed with long and thick eyelashes. However, thanks to various aids, it is possible for the eyelash hairs to unfold their full splendor and positively highlight our face.

What longer eyelashes do

Long eyelashes give a special look to every skin and hair type. They help to make the eyes look fresher and more alert. If the eyelash hair is long, well-groomed and thick, make-up is often not necessary during the day. In combination with different make-up variations, however, the eyelashes can be additionally emphasized.

Long eyelash hair also helps to make the eye look seductive. So many women can score on a date. But also on pictures long eyelashes appear to one particularly aesthetic.

Extend eyelashes – this is how it’s done

Today there are several ways to get long eyelashes. Many women use fake lashes to achieve the desired effect of thick and long eyelash hair in the short term. This is practical: Fake Lashes can be used immediately, usually do not cost much and can be cut to size. So depending on how natural you want the look to be, the false eyelash hair can be adjusted.

For a natural look, there are also individual eyelash hairs, which are applied with tweezers, for example. But not everyone wants only a short-term result. In addition, some people do not tolerate the chemical additives, which are in the glue. For this reason, false eyelashes are only suitable to a limited extent to work with them in the long term.

A variant that many women already use: Eyelash serum. This contributes to the fact that the eyelash hairs appear longer, thicker and healthier. There are various manufacturers and brands, for example Proalash.

Eyelash serums most often contain the tissue hormone prostaglandin or black sea rod oil. Both should help the eyelashes become longer and thicker. Dermatologists confirm that, for example, prostaglandin can prolong the growth phase of the hair. The

Result: the hairs grow longer, the hair becomes thicker.

An eyelash serum for longer eyelashes – there is to consider

A serum for the eyelashes should have high-quality ingredients and not irritate the skin. In some cases, allergic reactions may occur, which can be clarified with a dermatologist.

Many eyelash serums also contain nourishing additives that soothe the skin. This includes, for example, panthenol. Since an eyelash serum is always applied above the lash line, the liquid touches our skin. For this reason, it should be ensured that no
other chemical substances can be combined with the serum. The skin should also always be clean and free of oil before applying an eyelash serum.

For the effect to occur, it is important that an eyelash serum is used regularly. A course of treatment can last several weeks to months. It is often recommended that the liquid is applied twice a day. However, this varies from product to product and can be taken from the manufacturer’s application recommendation.

Alternative means for long eyelashes

Of course, supporting home remedies can help the lash hairs grow and become thicker. Basically, a balanced diet forms the basis for healthy eyelash hair. The hair is supplied with all important nutrients in this way. Among the most important building materials are vitamins, especially A, B, C and E. But minerals are also essential. Magensium, iron, selenium and zinc belong to it.

Olive and coconut oil ensure that the growth of eyelash hairs is vigorously boosted. However, regular use over several years is crucial for lasting results. Oleic acid and the vitamin E help to carry, which is contained in the oil.

Castor oil also has a stimulating effect, which stimulates the hair follicles and contributes to growth.

Green tea is not only healthy for our metabolism – also it is said to help our eyelash hairs to thicken. The tea can be prepared as usual. After this has cooled, it is then applied (for example, with a cotton swab) to the entire eyelash hair, including the lash line. The flavonoids contained in tea stimulate the growth of hair.

Important for long and healthy eyelashes is also a sufficient blood circulation. With a gentle massage of the eyelids, an overall increase in blood flow can be achieved. It helps to ensure that the eyelashes are strengthened and receive the most important nutrients.

To get long eyelashes is therefore possible – the combination of the right products, a healthy diet and additional home remedies, is the most important prerequisite for it.