More and more Germans suffer from folic acid deficiency: This can help!

The statistics speak for themselves: more and more people who have themselves examined by their family doctor or in a specialized center have been shown to suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency.

This vital substance, which occurs only sparsely in nature, acts like a balm for the nerves and also stimulates blood formation.

Folic acid deficiency often occurs during pregnancy, and older people usually have too little vitamin B12 in their blood.

Vegan dietary supplements such as methylcobalamin drops provide a quick remedy, as they make it very easy to take the natural fitness enhancer even when traveling.

However, food supplements should never be used as a convenient alternative to a healthy and balanced diet.

In fact, they support the healthy function of the human organism, especially when essential vitamins such as folic acid cannot be absorbed in sufficient quantities in the daily diet.

How does a folic acid deficiency occur in the first place??

A poorly balanced diet is not the only reason why many people have too little folic acid in their blood.

Folic acid deficiency can be caused by many other factors, such as an increased blood requirement as a result of pregnancy.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and stress can also upset the metabolism to such an extent that certain minerals, vitamins or trace elements are not absorbed properly.

Why is a vitamin B12 deficiency dangerous to health??

If a too low level of B12 in the blood remains undetected for a long time, many physical complaints will occur.

Above all, noticeable performance suffers if there is not enough folic acid available every day.

In the case of older relatives, this is noticeable in a deterioration in the ability to organize everyday life, depending on the form of the day.

Typical complaints of vitamin B12 deficiency are also ear problems such as tinnitus, commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.

In addition to general fatigue, constant tiredness may indicate a folic acid deficiency, and unexplained headaches may also indicate low levels of methylcobalamin in the blood.

Folic acid is significantly involved in the metabolism of iron. Due to the high iron content, human blood is colored red.

If this important vital substance is lacking over a long period of time, anemia can easily develop. The medical profession refers to this pathological condition as anemia.

Do I have anemia? A short self-check can reveal it immediately!

Anemia can be easily checked by yourself. In front of a well-lit mirror at home, gently pull down the lower eyelid.

If there are many small red veins in this area, this indicates a healthy blood supply.

However, if the area inside the lower eyelid is rather light and yellowish in color, there is a high probability that too little blood is flowing through the veins.

A blood check at the family doctor can immediately confirm the assumption of a folic acid deficiency, in particular with a meatless diet it can come to a lack of vital folic acid.

Other specialists now also carry out the methylcobalamin test as a standard procedure.

Especially in the run-up to an operation, it must be clarified whether a patient has sufficient blood or will probably need a blood transfusion.

In neurological practice, too, doctors first check whether there is sufficient folic acid in the blood for normal functioning of the nerves and nerve tracts in the case of many of the everyday ailments described above.

Conclusion: Folic acid deficiency new widespread disease

Anyone who is unsure whether their own blood values are within the healthy range can make an appointment for a complete check-up with their GP.

If the suspicion that too little folic acid is being taken in with the daily diet is confirmed, there are a whole range of preparations that can quickly counteract the folic acid deficiency.

Vitamin B12 drops are particularly practical for on the road, in the office or when traveling, as they provide the right amount of methylcobalamin at the individually required dosage at all times.

Dietary supplements can be taken with meals or independently as needed and do not require a prescription.