Detoxify with welfare plants – Naturally simply healthy

In Detoxify with medicinal plants the author Michaela Girsch shows, how a holistic detoxification can succeed particularly with welfare plants.

In doing so, she makes clear that it is about much more than “flushing” the kidneys and why it makes sense to detoxify the body regularly, even without being sick.

Healing plant cures can help to activate the self-healing powers and remain healthy in the long term.

Medicinal plant expert and lecturer Michaela Girsch has decades of experience with it.

Activate self-healing & stay healthy

Maintaining health is not only one of the core topics of naturopathy, but should also be one of the most important concerns for everyone.

For an all-around sustainable relief of the body, in Detoxifying with medicinal plants the needs of all excreting organs are equally addressed.

The medicinal herbs and their healing effects on the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and skin are presented in a comprehensive manner.

There are also practical application tips on how to proceed, when or how long to take the cure.

Finally, the various medicinal plant cures are described with recipes for teas, fresh plant juices and tinctures, and in addition recommendations for proven finished medicines are given.

In this way, everyone can find the right detoxification method with an individual focus for themselves!

About the author

Michaela Girsch has been an alternative practitioner and lecturer on medicinal herb topics for almost 30 years.

She runs her own practice with a focus on phytotherapy in Merdingen near Freiburg, where she successfully works with individual mixtures of medicinal plants.

Detoxifying with Medicinal Plants

Naturally simply healthy. tea, tincture or juice? Find your method!

Stuttgart: Publishing house Eugen Ulmer, 2022 (10. March 2022)
160 S. | 83 color photos | 6 color graphics | Softcover with flaps
ISBN 978-3-8186-1451-5