Alternative cancer therapy – the 3E program

In Germany, more than 500 patients per year receive.000 people a cancer diagnosis. Confronting the disease is one of the most stressful experiences of life. In order to make the tumors disappear, standard programs such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other nuclear medical treatment methods are mainly used.

Most of those affected assume that the success of treatment depends exclusively on the effectiveness of a therapy, without being able to influence it themselves. Furthermore, there is a lack of objective information for alternative cancer therapies. The 3E-Program is a holistic concept for natural tumor degradation, which is based on three pillars.

Nutrition, detoxification energy work as an alternative cancer therapy

German non-fiction author and chairman of the Krebs21 association Lothar Hirneise has spent more than ten years interviewing doctors and therapists from around the world about alternative and conventional treatments for cancer. In evaluating the information, the cancer researcher and 3E Program founder discovered three commonalities:

  • the importance of a change in diet,
  • the importance of detoxification,
  • the powers of mental work/energy work.

These three points form the foundation of the 3E therapy concept, which is now well known on an international level. The analysis of the numerous medical histories showed that a change of diet in combination with intensive detoxification and mental energy work has a positive influence on the disease process. The 3E program is implemented at the holistic therapy center in Remshalden-Bouch near Stuttgart, Germany.

3E Center – Trusting atmosphere in a healing environment

The specialists for alternative cancer therapy offer their guests a trusting atmosphere in a healing and protected environment. In addition to the oil-protein diet according to the natural scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig focuses in particular on various detoxification measures. In the 3E-Center, guests find a protected setting to find themselves without disturbing influences from the outside.

Mental energy work is about strengthening self-confidence and reducing oppressive emotions. The alternative cancer therapy according to Lothar Hirneise aims to restore the balance on the body-mind-spirit and by stopping the causes of cancer to achieve a cure naturally without side effects.